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Sera Scott,

Meet Sera Scott, a rising model in the industry, dedicated to showcasing her skills to the world. She is involved in this creative community to help other creatives like herself connect and thrive. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to investing in her craft, Sera's mission is to get her portfolio seen by as many as possible. Sera, is passionate intersex and trans woman, advocating for the LGBTQ+ community and putting a spotlight on underrepresented voices. Creating awareness that the creative community is a safe space for all identities and backgrounds.

History & Background

Runway, Fashion, Designer Wear, and Golden Baby Model possessing poise, elegance and expansion within the creative industry.

Sera Scotts passion for fashion, runway and designer wear has led her on a journey of growth and exploration within the creative industry. As a fashion, runway and creative model,  she has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of individuals and organizations who share similar passions for innovation and creativity. Sera is excited to continue pushing boundaries and expanding her work in the years to come, and is very grateful for the support and encouragement of the creative community.

Creative, Professional, and Educational Work

June 2023


Fashion Show

LGBTQ+ Designer Fashion show hosted by RCFW and EPS, creating opportunity to advocate and educate the LGBTQ+ Community in fashion and runway. Runway and Cat walk tips, tricks, and education. Being able to work one on one with designers, learning model and designer etiquette along with having the opportunity to show case designer wear. Very first Modeling opportunity Sera Scott ever had in 2023!

July 2023

Elite Production Studio
Zodiac Sign Calendar

Astrology/ Zodiac Sign Calendar Production with Modeling and Photographer opportunity. This Calendar Production Project created a unique and creative perspective in a new area of the Modeling industry in a form of a Creative avenue show casing designer wear, model directors, artist, photographers, and so many more unique creatives in the industry. EPS created a very safe space for all creatives to come together to be seen, heard and valued within this creative industry and community.

April 2024

Elite Production Studio
Boho Baddie Model Workshop

Coming Soon....

Model Features & Stats

9 Months - 1 year of Modeling Experience

















Dress Size 



Sera Scott, a rising model in the industry who is dedicated to showcasing her skills to the world. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to investing in her craft, Sera's mission is to get her portfolio seen by as many as possible. As an intersex and trans woman, she is also a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.



Become a well known Advocate for others in the LGBTQ+ Community!


Skills & Technique

Learn new Skills & Techniques that will help grow and evolve my Modeling career within the industry.


Grow & Evolve



Grow my Skills & Technique to help evolve into a better Model!

Inspiring others and myself to expand in our own unique Authenticity!

Model Statement

"Just do it, everyone is stunning and I went in for fun and my first shoot was a runway. Have a blast and find community within a community to grow with!"

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