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Meet Our Executive Team & Board Members 

Dedicated, Determined, Expertise, Professionalism, Passion, Innovative, and Knowledgeable Creative Directors Production Team that is LGBTQ+ Friendly, LLC Registered, Women Owned and Operated.

Executive Team

EPS prides itself on bringing together the best and the brightest on our Executive Team. None of our Executives receive pay for their work as Executives at EPS.

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Previous Elite Member & Co-Founder of EPS

 Ryss Bee

A friend and confidant, Ryss Bee was one of the original Co-Founders of EPS established 2020, the bright and confident Model took on the role of our first official Model Liaison to start what was once thought to be an Agency into a Creative Production Team. Ryss Bee and Jessi Davis created their first Calendar in fall 2020,  their first still shot photography projects in 2020 - 2021, their first Industry Night in winter 2021, along with their first designer tea party projects spring of  2022, their first Gala in fall 2022, and their very first Music Video Production starting off  2023 with the help of former board members Star Seed and Alexis Caton. Ryss Bee will always be remembered as one of our first Elite Members, Co-Founders, Model Liaisons, and a Creative Representative of EPS. 

Advisory Board

EPS is committed to constantly pay attention to the industry. To that end, we have recruited both industry veterans and those just starting their career in the industry. This team is staffed strictly by volunteers.

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