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Our Work

At Elite Production Studios, we value collaboration and community. Through our previous work, we’ve built a strong reputation as a reliable and creative team for all types of projects. Come see for yourself the incredible creations we’ve produced over the years.

EPS Grand Opening

01 - January 2021

Elite Production Studios is paving the way in the creative community with our unique approach to sustainable design. Our Grand Opening Industry Night was a huge success, showcasing the talent of local designers and their commitment to eco-friendly creations made with recycled materials.

02 - December 2021

At Elite Production Studios, we are passionate about celebrating creativity. That's why we created a special holiday project to share with our creative community. This crafted still shot photography and video project was our way to wish everyone a Happy Holiday in 2021 and to thank everyone for their continued support.

Jessi Bays (Photographer & Director), Alexis Caton (Chorographer), Wyatt Earp (Musician)






Christmas Lights on Trees
Coming Soon 1

03 - August 2022

Rose Garden Tea Party

The Industry Night Grand Opening was Elite Production Studio Agency's first showing of local and elegant designs that gave back to the community by using recycled materials, new opportunities to create new communities. 

04 - August 2022

This Tea & Wedding Party Designer Groups were created and inspired to promote small, local and unique designs from creative designers around the PNW.


Shes Crowning 

Wedding Dress Party 2022
Orange & Black Gala Team

05 - October 2022

The Orange & Black Gala was the vision of a Special Fall Occasion with elegant Fashion of small and local Creators, Designers, Boutiques, Couture's and Business Owners. The beautiful Designs shown during the live Entrainment was worn and presented by stunning Models, Creators and Designers with a magnificent Mocktail Hour hosted and created by EPS. 


Black Bone Handmade Leather Harnesses  & Accessories - @Black.Boneco

Drizzle  Streetwear - @DrizzleSteetwear

Escape The Ordinary Design - @Escape.The.Ordinary.Design 

I'm Crowing - @ShesCrowning 

Sierra Mischke - @She_Era.By.Sierra 

Project Date Hosted 

October 15th, 2022 @4pm-7pm

Mocktail Hour @4pm-5pm

T.E.A.M Center 115 SE 9th Ave 

Portland OR 97124

Coming Soon 8

06 - January 2023

Balenciaga Dreams Music Video 

Coming Soon...

07 - January 2023

Elite Production Studios is proud to have supported Rose City Fashion Week, and we created a unique Meet & Greet event to introduce and promote their very first inaugural year of this exclusive none profit. We enjoy connecting with other creatives in our community, all while supporting exciting new initiatives. 

EPS & RCFW Meet & Greet
EPS Balenciaga Dreams Premiere

08 - March 2023

Coming Soon...

09 -  March - July 2023

This Zodiac Sign Themed Calendar was created and inspired to Romanticize your Inner Wild because as a Wild Being seeking and oozing Authenticity. Once you've felt free no one can take that away from you, no one can make you feel unstable or disobedient once you feel true to yourself. We become no longer tamed in a false reality. The Wild ones choose to live truthfully, clearly, unquestionably, and unapologetically by creating awareness and clarity. We are all Wild, we can either be tamed or set ourselves free. Find your inner Wild and Romanticize Yourself.

Zodiac Sign Calendar
RCFW Queer Tea Party

10 - June 2023

RCFW Queer Tea Party

Coming Soon... Angular Year 

11 - June 2023

RCFW Alberta Street Fair - Celebrate PDX Pride

Coming Soon....

RCFW Alberta St. Fair PDX 2023 - Star Seed
Coming soon!

12 - June 2023


Coming Soon...

13 - June 2023

Coming Soon....

Denim Dreams - Star Seed

14 - August 2023

In honor of 2023 High Fashion Trends we decided to create this unique Model Group Photoshoot project for all levels of Models to give more Models an opportunity to be apart of the High Fashion Trends in 2023 and to be apart of a creative project. This Group Photoshoot Project was a effortless and exciting experience and opportunity for Models of all Levels, to come be apart of our Diverse Community.

15 - October 2023

EPS 3rd Birthday Bash

Coming Soon....

Coming Soon 3
Chrome Creations - Katie Carodine

16 - December 2023

In honor of 2023 High Fashion Trends the EPS Creative Team in Production decided to create this unique High Fashion Chrome Creations Model Workshop for all levels of Models to give all Models an opportunity to be a part of the High Fashion Trends in 2023 and to be a part of a unique and creative project. This Workshop will be an effortless and exciting experience and opportunity for Models of all Levels, to come be a part of our Diverse Community.

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