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Romanticize Your Inner Wild 
Zodiac Sign Calendar2024

This Zodiac Sign Themed Calendar was created and inspired to Romanticize your Inner Wild because as a Wild Being seeking and oozing Authenticity. Once you've felt free no one can take that away from you, no one can make you feel unstable or disobedient once you feel true to yourself. We become no longer tamed in a false reality. The Wild ones choose to live truthfully, clearly, unquestionably, and unapologetically by creating awareness and clarity. We are all Wild, we can either be tamed or set ourselves free. Find your inner Wild and Romanticize Yourself.


Created, Crafted, Designed, and Illustrated by  Star Seed owner of Starlook Beauty Boutique, an Entrepreneur shining in her unique Authenticity presented some really amazing Calendar Ideas to the EPS Creative Directors in Production. Together the Team crafted something that felt not only connected to the individuals but also to the Cosmos! EPS connected the creative community in a very ingenuitive way.

The Zodiac Sign Calendar is the very first creation of it's kind of Calendar Work that Starlook Beauty Boutique & Elite Production Studio has ever created together.

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